Israel & Palestine Are At War After Latter Attacks With 5000 Rockets, 40 Killed & 700 Injured

On Saturday morning, Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip launched approximately 5,000 rockets in a massive attack on Israel. The ruling Hamas militant group announced the beginning of a new operation called Al-Aqsa Storm and urged fellow Palestinians to join the fight against Israel. This operation is a form of retaliation against Israel and an answer “to the crimes of the occupation”, reported TOI.

As you may know, the problems between Israel and Palestine are long-standing and very complex. Both sides have their own narratives, grievances and territorial claims. Both Israelis and Palestinians assert their right to the same land, which includes Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

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Israel has declared that it is in a “state of war” with Palestine.

“In the last hour, the Hamas terrorist organization had begun a massive shooting of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory in a number of different locations. We are at war and we will win,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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The rocket attacks continued in south and central Israel and millions of Israelis have been asked to stay near the bomb shelters in their homes and apartment buildings. A massive fence has been built along the Gaza border which is meant to prevent infiltrations. This has restricted the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, thereby devastating the country’s economy.

According to the Times of Israel, at least 40 people have been killed and over 700 have been injured because of the attack.

India has issued an advisory for Indian Nationals living in Israel. They have been asked to observe safety protocols as advised by local authorities, stay near safety shelters, avoid unnecessary movement and exercise caution.

“In case of emergency, please contact us at +97235226748, or leave a message at [email protected]. The Embassy personnel remain at your disposal for any further guidance,” the advisory read.

Our prayers are with the people whose lives are at risk because of the war.

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