ISIS Fighters Forget To Shave As They Dress Up As Women To Escape The Iraqi Army

The world is no stranger to ISIS and its brutal atrocities that make us cringe and sigh at the same moment. It is also home to monsters bred by it who think they have been ordained to murder, rape, torture and abuse. Remember when we told you about the sex-slave who was tricked to eat her toddler? But the fight is on.

And while there is still a long way before we can claim our lands back from the terror group, the Iraqi army is doing a fine job eliminating the presence of jihadists from Mogul in Iraq.

That’s right after a prolonged period of conflict, Mosul is now ISIS free.

However, the city looks grim with buildings reduced to rubble by months-long war to root out the Islamic State. But nothing changes the fact that it is a major blow to the extremist group.


In fact, the caliphate is shaken so much so that the remaining jihadists are dressing up as women, loaded with makeup in a desperate attempt to flee Mosul.

While arched eyebrows and lipsticks (with blush and eyeshadow) usually do the trick, the carpet of facial hair gave him away!


The extremists have been resorting to all kinds of tricks, including wearing padded, lacy bras and burqas to dodge the authorities and elude detection. Here’s all the proof. 

تلاش نيروهاي #داعش براي فرار از #موصل با لباس و ظاهر زنانه بعد از شكست #داعش در #موصل و فرو ريختن مواضع اين #گروه_تروريستي، اعضاي داعش براي فرار به اين راه متوسل شدند كه البته چندان هم موفقيت آميز نبود. در عكس فوق تصاوير نيروهاي داعش را ميبينيد كه سعي كرده اند با ظاهر و آرايش زنانه از اين مهلكه بگريزند اما در نهايت دستگير شده اند/تصاوير:ديلي ميل #داعش #موصل #شكست_داعش #عراق #تروريسم #تروريست #IsIs #mosul #iraq #terrorist #terrorism

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The pictures were first shared by the Iraqi Army.

I don’t think I have ever seen a more apt representation of ‘desperate times calls for desperate measures’. Only if they had used some brains and watched a few makeup tutorials before dressing up as a woman!

News Source: Daily Mail