Meet Ishan Goel, The 19-Year Old Whose ‘Egg’ Broke Kylie Jenner’s Record On Instagram

Remember that egg which took the internet by storm and set a world record for having the most number of ‘likes’? Of course, you do!

That one single egg managed to gather over 48 million likes remarkably tossing aside Kylie Jenner’s (till then) most ‘liked’ picture of baby Stormi’s hand.

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stormi webster 👼🏽

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We wouldn’t say that Kylie wasn’t a little upset after her ‘dethronement’. She did kind of take out her anger on the egg:

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Take that little egg

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And so did her longtime not-so-secret admirer Diljit Dosanjh, who tastefully took his revenge:

Well, who better than Indians know the ande ka funda! Meet the Indian-origin and 19-year old Ishan Goel, the man behind the ‘world record egg’.

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Connected 🔌

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Massachusetts-based Ishan revealed how he managed to beat influencer and beauty guru Kylie Jenner:

“There are two core reasons that this post took off. The first is that the internet fell in love with the idea of using a crowdsourced approach to be able to have a touchpoint to a celebrity that could potentially influence that celebrity’s actions or, at the very least, garner a response from them. The second is that the internet quickly began to see it as a challenge, which inspired people to invest their time and energy into helping drive the post into a frenzy.” – said Ishan.

It was a personal challenge for him. He had to get the picture viral. So he got in touch with influencers, media personals, and credible people to vouch for the egg.

You can scroll through his Instagram and see the number of remarkable influencers he has access to!

“I saw the opportunity of taking something viral, and I seized it” – Ishan.

When asked about why he chose an egg out of all things he joked, “For starters, it is a good-looking egg”.

“I think the idea was to choose a silly, inanimate object that people would find endearing. People have personified this egg.”

However, he stressed how he is not the creator of the World Record Egg.

The photograph was initially taken by Sergey Platonov, and according to him the egg was not just a piece of poultry and “it represented something bigger“.

Recently, World Record Egg posted another picture of an egg with a crack on the top left.

Maybe the crack is to celebrated how they “cracked” the challenge, or it could be the beginning of another world record.

Guess, we just have to wait and find out!

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