Irrfan Tweeted 3 Of Our Leaders To Promote “Madaari” And NaMo’s Reply To That Was Simply Epic!

Irrfan Khan is a brilliant personality. His ways, demeanour, and style of acting set him apart from everyone else. So do his film choices. And something big is about to brew with his upcoming movie, Madaari, and Irrfan is leaving no stone unturned.

Armed with a Twitter name as Irrfan Madaari, he went on to tweet to some of our most prominent leaders, asking them to meet him because he had a few questions for them, and here is what they replied.

First, he tweeted to Arvind Kejriwal and received prompt responses.






Next on his list was Rahul Gandhi, who also gave immediate replies, and meetings were supposedly fixed.




But when it came time to tweet to Modi, he received a reply befitting the Prime Minister!



This was a great exercise in getting to know how prompt our leaders are and it was a funny little anecdote that happened.

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