Irrfan Khan Reveals That He’s Suffering From Neuroendocrine Tumour

Irrfan Khan is one of the finest actors to have graced Bollywood with his phenomenal acting skills, he breathes life into every character he plays. It is not only Bollywood that remembers this fine showman, but Hollywood has begun to recognise his acting prowess as well.

Unfortunately, the entire world was taken aback when the star suddenly revealed that he was suffering from a rare disease on Twitter. Prayers came flooding in and soon speculations began that he was suffering from brain cancer.

Irrfan and his wife were quick to deny the rumours and ask people to stop speculating, saying that the truth would be revealed to them soon.

Finally, Irrfan has released a statement clarifying the rare disease he is suffering from in yet another Twitter post. He wrote,

This is extremely scary but half-knowledge can be equally scary. To know more, you can read about Neuroendocrine Tumour here.

Twitter has been thrown into a frenzy. Celebs and fans alike have been praying for a speedy recovery. We wish Irrfan a speedy recovery and hope that he quickly makes a smashing comeback!

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