Stuck On Rajdhani’s Waiting List? Fly With Air India On The Same Ticket!

Indian Railways’ waiting lists are the worst! They give you no respite and you lose sleep over whether you’ll be able to board that train at all or not. But the government has come out with a new arrangement which brings a lot of relief to distraught unconfirmed ticket holders.

Under this arrangement, passengers with unconfirmed Rajdhani train tickets can upgrade to an Air India flight, provided the airline has the same service route on the allotted day.

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In an effort to increase the number of filled seats on its failing services, Air India has partnered with IRCTC for this plan. You can avail of the Air India ticket, and it will be provided to you via IRCTC. First class passengers will have to pay no extra fare, while other passengers might have to pay up to Rs. 2,000 per ticket as additional amount for flying Air India.


The service is expected to go live in under a week with additional flight plans being added to Air India’s roster for intra-state city-to-city connections.

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Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani said, “Several state governments have asked Air India to look at launching virgin routes connecting different cities in their respective states. The details are being worked out and we hope to have this in place within a week.” Up until now, 16 state representatives have come forward for the deal and Air India is planning to add more planes to its fleet.

This new development might help turn around the fortunes of Air India as well as Rajdhani passengers with one fell swoop.

News source: NDTV
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