Defying A Sexist Ban, Iranian Female Photojournalist Covers Men’s Soccer From Atop A Roof

You’ve heard of the adage, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ Now watch it in action. Watch one willful woman not just find a way but completely shatter the obstacle in her path while she does so. She is an Iranian photojournalist named Parisa Pourtaherian.

Conservative Iran has a rather rigid law about not allowing women to be in a stadium where the opposite sex is playing a sport. Which meant when a top national league men’s football match was being played in Vatani Stadium in Qaemshahr, Iran, Parisa was banned from covering it.

However, Parisa Pourtaherian did not let that stop her, no sir! She climbed atop a building located near the stadium and took pictures of the match from the terrace!

Not to mention she did a bloody good job of it too (considering the distance), while simultaneously defying a deeply orthodox and oppressive patriarchal rule of law!

Twitter couldn’t help but heap praises upon this determined Iranian female photojournalist for not letting anything get in way of her job.

She became the first Iranian female photojournalist to cover a men’s soccer match!

Points for ingenuity!

Extremely high badass factor!

She DESERVES the applause!

OMG yes! Those fiercely determined eyes that’ll stop anything that tries to stop her in the tracks!

Come on, Iran. Enough of this sexist BS!

Did somebody order a SLAYER cos she here!

Amen to this!

More power to you, Parisa!

Yeah Iran, will you ban women from every rooftop? Because they’ve been inspired now and they’re coming for your rooftops!

Hey patriarchy…. IN YOUR FACE!

Parisa’s struggle is a lesson for people the world over to now take their privilege or their rights for granted!

This essence of journalism!

Wow, already inspiring art!

Go big or go home! And Parisa sure chose to go big!

Wasn’t no stopping them before. Ain’t no stopping them now!

Kudos to Parisa Pourtaherain for that fierce gumption! You’ve given women a new inspirational lens to look at their problems now and find a solution no matter what!