IPS Officer Caught Carrying A Bag Full Of Peas At Airport, Desis Share Similar Stories

There’s this weird thing Indians do – whenever we travel inter-city, we tend to carry innumerable and often unnecessary things along with us. Our moms go out of their way to pack achaar, ghee, masalas, papad and what not into our bags. If you are travelling via a flight, chances are the airport security will catch you then and there!

A similar thing happened to IPS Officer Arun Bothra who was carrying a bag full of peas at the Jaipur airport and as expected, the airport security asked him to open his bag. They must have been in for a shock when they found this:

Have a look at the IPS officer’s tweet here. If this is not peas smuggling, I don’t know what is!

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That’s not all. People online responded to his tweet by sharing hilarious examples from their own lives. Many revealed how they travel with bags full of fruits and vegetables from one city to another!

For somebody like me who is extra scared of airport security, this comes as a shocker!

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