IPL Fans Slam TV Channel For ‘Hot Or Not’ Pre-Match Show That Objectified Male Cricketers

Nowadays, certain news, sports and entertainment channels will stoop down to any level in order to increase the views on their shows. For this, they would often telecast objectionable shows and segments which should not have any place in a progressive and intelligent society.

Recently, female anchors of the Indian Premier League 2023 were brought together and made to play a game called ‘Hot or Not’ during a pre-match show. They were shown shirtless and ‘steamy’ pictures of male cricketers and asked to say if they found the men hot or not. Some of the female anchors were visibly uncomfortable.

While a lot of people might say that this is all for fun and is light-hearted, we cannot argue that this show, at its crux, is the public objectification of men. Imagine the kind of uproar that would be caused if there were a group of men rating female cricketers in a ‘Hot or Not’ game.

Videos of the telecast were shared on social media. Here’s one of them:

Several people on Twitter slammed the broadcasters for coming up with such a regressive pre-match segment in the name of entertainment. There is anyway a sexist bias that suggests that women don’t understand sports and watch it to only ogle at good-looking men. Shows like this further such thinking all the more!

Broadcasters really need to do better than feed the audience with such shows.

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