A Guy Convinced People To Drill A 3.5mm Slot Into Their iPhone 7, And They Really Did It!

Apple recently introduced the latest iPhone 7 and the announcement garnered mixed reactions. People were thrilled by the new and improved camera and improved functionality however, they were extremely disappointed by Apple’s decision to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

TechRax, a popular YouTuber, took advantage of the users’ disappointment and made a seemingly innocuous DIY video showing users how they could literally drill themselves a new headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Do NOT be fooled by it!

The video is in fact a prank video made to trick users into damaging their new smartphone.


The video received over 9 million views however, the reception was mixed. 

Some of them had doubts… after drilling.

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Some absolutely lost it!

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And then there were others who got a few laughs.

lol3 lol1 lol2

The video probably spelled disaster for a lot of its viewers however, I’m sure everyone learnt a very valuable lesson today: Do not trust everything you see on the Internet!

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