People Are Pranking Their Siblings By Fake-Turning Them Invisible, Reactions Are Hilarious!

Okay folks, time to get with the hottest new viral internet challenge. And this one is extra salty if you’re an elder sibling super enthusiastic about playing a prank on your younger bro or sis! Say hello to the #InvisibleChallenge!

The genesis of the challenge can be credited to funny guy Justin Willman, who was recently seen in a video, faking a magic trick about making a guy disappear.

In the video, the guy who is supposed to be turned ‘invisible’ is not aware that the entire crowd is actually in on the prank. Willman’s stunt and the crowd’s reactions convince him that he in fact has become invisible, and the fun is when that realisation hits him!

The selfie trick, where the crowd pretends to take a selfie with him but he is not visible in the pictures seems to be the clinching factor in this prank!

And what do you know, people have turned this into a master prank!

Social media has been flooded with people posting videos of themselves pranking their poor unsuspecting siblings with the #invisiblechallenge!

The MO is the same in all the videos. They put a blanket on the sibling, pretend t mutter a few magical incantations, and viola! When they lift the blanket, everyone pretends to not see the person anymore!

Yet again, the real trick is in the fake selfies that do not show the person being pranked in them (probably taken beforehand), which convinces these poor buggers even more that they’re invisible! Some of them have even ended up on the verge of crying!

You have to see their incredibly scared faces! It’s hilarious!

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I mean, sure, you kinda feel bad for them at first, but you just can’t stop laughing!

Of course, not every kid is as gullible! Some just see right through the trick! Some just don’t give a care!

The point is…

So you know what to do next, right?

Siblings, beware!

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