‘Invisible Box Challenge’ Is The Latest Viral Trend And People Are Going Crazy Over It Already

Social media is a funny place where people undertake sometimes stupid, sometimes dangerous and most times useless challenges. While Harlem Shake, Planking Challenge, and Mannequin Challenge were hilarious to watch or try, Fire Challenge, Blue Whale Challenge and Boiling Water Challenge were actually quite dangerous and unnecessary.

Another challenge to make it to the news is the Invisible Box Challenge. A cheerleader named Ariel Oliver, initiated the stunt and left the audience stunned.

The idea is to trick your brain into believing there’s an invisible box by tapping in the air, then believe you are putting one foot on top of the box and jumping over.

The stunt became instantly funny and challenging, as more and more people started trying it out and taking to Twitter to document their stunt.

1. Scared but successful it seems!

2. Perfect landing, you could say.


3. His morning workout was ‘invisible’, but at least he tried.

4. He nailed it!

5. When you take your eyes off the muscles, you’ll see that this one succeeded too…

To top it all, even David Campbell and Sonia Kruger gave it a try, you guys!

If jumping over an invisible box wasn’t enough, tripping over it is even funnier.

This sure seems confusing but doable. What do you think, would you give it a try?
Because we would love to (even better if we fall).