17 Strange & Interesting Inventions From The Past

Evolution of human kind has always been an intriguing process. From the world of vacuum tubes to today’s nanotechnology, the journey has been a great one. But, it’s not like people in the early 19th century were not innovative. They had some of the most amazing inventions at that time. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing and strange inventions from the early 19th century:

1. One wheeled motorcycle, because 2 wheels are too mainstream

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2. Cones to protect from snow storms and blizzards

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Also it can protect from over-friendly creeps trying to kiss you.


3. Bicycle + sewing machine that can fit a whole family

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A complete family ride


4. Special bicycle that can be used in land and in water

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Maybe James Bond of that time used it


5. Hat with integrated radio

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Before i-pod came along this was the real shit


6. Life jackets made from bicycle tubing

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Plus you can also use them if ever your amphibious bicycle gets a flat tube.


7. Glasses that let you read while lying down

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I’ve always wanted that.


10. Analog GPS

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A cutting edge Navigation system from the past.


11. Contraption similar to hair dryer

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Also to give you that I-drive-without-helmet-look.

12. Revolver that captures image before firing

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I wonder if the shooter asked the person in front of the gun to smile.

13. Mouthpiece that allows a person to smoke in the rain

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If you’re out in the rain and you need a smoke.


14. Ice cube mask for hangovers

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This mask was allegedly made for actresses to cure their hangovers. I want to know if it worked though.


15. Mouthpiece to hold 2 cigarettes

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Sharing a cigarette with your loved one. How romantic!


16. Baby stroller devised to protect from gas

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17. All Terrain Vehicle that stayed level and could negotiate upto 65 degrees

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That looks really badass, doesn’t it?

Bet you’re wishing you could try all of them, aren’t you?