Why It’s Getting Hard To Be Accepted As An Introvert In This World

Introvert, sometimes people say it like an insult. Some others use it to hide their boredom, but then there are those who do fit into this misunderstood bracket.

Our parents had it easy. You start off with a couple friends from the neighbourhood and while all the stages of life pass you by, you stay with those few friends. Because that is a strong and an unbreakable bond. They didn’t have to face what we face today.

We don’t have 10 friends anymore, we have multiple friend lists and followers.


Everyone expects you to be on Facebook, socializing. The more friends you have, the more chances you have of going to this virtual afterlife heaven. And if by any chance you aren’t on it, they look at you like you’re crazy. They ask you your follower count on Twitter and Instagram like it’s your claim to a successful life. They ask you to join Snapchat because that’s the best way to keep track of your friends’ lavish lives.

For starters people assume that just because you are“introverted”, you are “arrogant, stand offish, rude”. You are seen as boring, less likely to be invited to parties or social gatherings. In fact introverted people are not seen as“normal” by some people. Quote from a Quora user


You’re only considered to be cool or have an opinion, if it’s posted/tweeted or shared.

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If you’re not active enough to be live tweeting about the elections, making/sharing memes out of current events and LOL-ing at other’s posts, you aren’t considered funny or witty; you’re considered an outcast. An outcast from a world that only exists virtually.


The word ‘Introvert’ is starting to define you rather than all the other qualities you could have been known for.

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Just because you read a book during summer than go for a million keg parties, you’re labelled. Because you prefer to think alone rather than brainstorm with a million others at work, because you go into your room rather than make small talk with your flatmates, your behaviour is considered weird.


Every other institution, app and activity is supposed to be about socializing.

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Right from school to Jobs, every environment encourages socializing and looks with questioning concern towards those who don’t follow the norms. Whether it’s eating at your desk at work, not gossiping during lectures or even being the wallflower at parties. Everyone has a different kind of environment they function best at, for extroverts it’s lively, but with us introverts, it’s quieter. But today, somehow quieter is assumed to be old and boring.

I feel frustrated when I explain to someone that I need alone time and she responds, “yes, I need that every once in a while.”  No you don’t get it, that is my preferred mode, almost all the time I would prefer to be alone.  I was just making it sound casual so I wouldn’t offend you or make you think I’m weird. Quote from a Quora user


In an age where house parties are the new rage and opinions are the current party chatter, you seem distant, removed.

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Making a superficial connection with 10 people at a party is more appreciated than making a deep connection with one person. Staying silent is mistaken for ignorant rather than observing or listening. Not dancing in front of a whole crowd is considered uptight rather than shy! So you go with the flow, you attend parties pretend to fit in, while all the time you’re hoping for a more sober affair.

“I feel lonely when I’m with a group of people and talking about nothing.” Quote from a Quora user


People are moving fast and they don’t have time to discover someone, only to see what’s shown.

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You’re taken for face value, if you make a lasting first impression, there is going to be a second, otherwise you’ll be stereotyped. Everything is about networking, from job opportunities to friendship. Everything goes by in a blur. And your potential bites the dust they leave behind.

So is it time to change our nature or the society’s ways? You decide.

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