The Internet Is Raving About The Funky Suede Gully Anthem And We Can Clearly See Why!

Remember when we told you to watch out for the Suede Gully anthem (because hello, the trailer was kickass)? Yeah, well I’m sorry because I clearly didn’t tip you enough! That’s right the coolest and largest street collab with as many as 36 Dancers, 8 Rappers, 7 Artists (and many more) dropped recently and boy, was it a wonder.

If you don’t believe me, watch the groovy and chest-thumping number here. 

A creative collective of artists hailing from four unlikely corners of the country–Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai and Shillong–the music video is a synergy where art meets rebellion, culture meets swag and music meets colour. Not to forget the vibrant and power-packed performance by dancers, rappers and graffiti illustrators who have infused life into the track.

Composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, the video features four different languages Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi and Khasi. And I can tell you the idea was to bring out artists from the untainted part of the city to stitch together their talent, passion and attitude into one addictive music video that represents the Indian streets in their real element. And voilà!

Created by Puma to raise a glass to their signature Suede sneakers, the song celebrates art in its purest form, right in your gully!

And hey, it’s not just us. The entire internet is raving about the funky anthem and let’s just say, we feel them! I mean what else explains 2 million views on Facebook in just 2 days?

See for yourself.  

1. Disha Patani is clearly impressed with the moves!

2. Even Mayanti swears it’s one of the coolest videos she has seen!

3. Star-cricketer Sushma Verma has it on a loop.

4. Damn right, it is!

5. And with a bang!

6. Another addition to the list.


See? I told ya. And this my friend is the tip of the iceberg. My friend, my friend’s friend and even our common friends are talking about the bomb video and something tells me, the fun has just begun!

*goes back and grooves to mere joote main tu chal ke toh dekh*