How Did The Lipstick Mark Get On The Toilet? The Internet’s Trying To Solve The ‘Mystery’

The Internet is a very weird place. I mean it when I say that.

It’s a place where you gazillion things are happening at the same time. And, new meme formats that go viral each day.

There’s no denying that. Umm, sample this.

Like, yeah!

So in one of the usual scrollings of my Twitter-timeline, today I chanced upon something I can never ever forget or unsee for that matter. THIS!

Take a moment, people, it is ok. Even I did.

You too must be wondering like, How the hell did that get there? Right? Welcome to the party! 

1. *thinking real hard*

2. True that thought, mahn.

3. Such literal, much wow…NOT!

4. BURN!

5. My thoughts precisely, mate.

6. Too far-fetched, dude!

7. And, it was RED!

8. So desi!

9. Sums up the whole thing, aptly.

10. 2018 so far.

This is toilet humour, literally. 😛

But we still don’t know how it got there. I think we should hand this case over to ACP Pradyuman. Only, he can solve this now.

Courtesy: Sony

This ain’t a job for Mr. Sherlock, though.

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Tatti jokes coming in 3…2…1