These Hilarious Memes On International Yoga Day Will Make You Laugh Your Heart Out!

21st of June marks the International Yoga Day and the world has welcomed it with open arms. People from all sections have taken out time to perform the exercises that have a positive effect on your well being.

However, when the internet is overflowing with stunning pictures of the army, students, celebrities and even dogs performing the age-old practice, how can the memes stay away?

As expected, along with all the positivity, the occasion gave birth to a plethora of hilarious jokes which cannot be missed at any cost. Here are the best ones.

Presenting my favourite pose.

Scary but okay.

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That’s the best I can do!


Yoga and cricket go hand in hand.

Here is a little furry friend trying his bit.

Here is the best Yoga ever!

Relatable much?

My expertise lies in this one.

Happy International Yoga Day everyone! Stay fit, stay healthy.