People Celebrate ‘International No Diet Day’ With Memes & Jokes


The world is obsessed with losing weight and getting that sleek and ripped beach body. And it’s not a bad thing, but the idea of following a tough routine and being harsh on yourself can be problematic. Every extra calorie consumed makes us guilty, however, that spoonful of Nutella does rejuvenate our soul, right?

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Hence, to encourage people across the world to appreciate their bodies and to promote a healthy lifestyle with a focus on health at any size, International No Diet Day was created. And today (May 6) is the day when we celebrate people with different body types.

According to Republic World, the day was kick-started by Mary Evans Young in 1992 with the purpose of educating people about the right way to diet and embracing your body.

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So, if you have been been striving to achieve your weight loss goal, then today is your day to take a break from the diet. Don’t worry about the calories, grab on your favourite pint of ice cream as you enjoy these funny memes and jokes.

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Today is International No Diet Day but here in my little #haes inspired world, it is business as usual πŸ₯° I quit any form of food restriction over a decade ago; now I eat foods and amounts that simply make me feel well. Sometimes my body intuitively needs leafy greens, sometimes it needs pizza. πŸ₯¬πŸ• I TRUST in my body and mind's signals, including trusting my hunger. I also TRUST in my body's ability to move, run, puff, dance, jiggle, lift, stretch and bend for joy. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ͺ These two changes are the wildest, most loving gifts I've ever given myself. ❀️ They have increased my physical and mental health regardless of what I weigh. My body has changed over the years, as it is supposed to change. I have grown and shrunk, had babies and surgeries, injured parts of myself and grown older. My body will always be in a state of change, and that is ok. I am no better or worse, than any other point in my life, I just know more about myself and how outside influences can affect my thoughts. 🧐 I am well, and I am me, and I accept myself and others exactly as we are. Everyone deserves to be respected in the beautifully diverse bodies they hang out in.😘 So that is a short version of why I don't diet or advocate dieting. If you'd like to learn ways to trust yourself more, and break free from dieting, then I am a listed Health At Every Size (HAES) Australia provider, which basically means I practice what I preach…with ALL of my heart. ❀️ Warmest of wishes, Ailsa x Photo by the talented Alle πŸ’—@heycharlieandco #healthateverysize #internationalnodietday #haes_walkandtalktherapist #intuitiveeating #mindfulmovement #joyfulmovement #antidieting #weightneutral #weightstigma #bodydiversity #selfacceptance #selfcompassion #trustyourself #educateyourselfabouthaes #knoweldgeispower #haestherapist #nondiethealthprovider #nondietapproach #haesaustralia #livedexperience #livedexperiencetherapist #adelaidesa #southaustralia #haessouthaustralia #ailsarobsonwalkandtalktherapist #ailsarobsonconsulting #perfectlyimperfectailsarobson #psychotherapist #nodiets #haesaustralia

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Happy International No-Diet Day Vandaag, 6 mei, is het International No Diet Day. Deze dag begon met een vrouw die besloot terug te vechten. De Britse feministe Mary Evans Young vocht jarenlang tegen anorexia, problemen met het lichaamsbeeld en pesten. In 1992 ondernam ze actie nadat ze had gezien dat andere vrouwen hetzelfde lot hadden ondergaan. Young nodigde haar vrienden uit om 'Ditch That Diet'-stickers te dragen en hun lichaam een ​​dag lang volledig te omarmen. Ze had geen idee dat het een wereldwijde beweging zou veroorzaken. Op 6 mei besteden we op social media extra aandacht aan dat je meer bent dan een dieet en je lichaam. Geniet vandaag gewoon extra van wie je bent en ga niet op de weegschaal!

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Well, adopting a healthy lifestyle is very crucial but it is also important to listen to your body and cater to its need. Let’s try to create a world that’s fit and happy at the same time. Happy International No Diet Day!

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