Desis Share How Difficult It Was To Marry Someone Out Of Their Caste Due To Family Pressure

Marriage is the union of two people who intend to live together for the rest of their lives. However, in India, it doesn’t just take two consenting adults to get into matrimony. Sometimes, their religion, caste, sexual orientation, financial and educational background, among other things, become the decisive factors with their free will taking a back seat.

And even in this modern, comparatively educated society, people still find it difficult to break these stigmas and marry the person of their choice.

People on Reddit recently shared how difficult it was for them to convince their parents to get them married to someone who didn’t belong to their caste. Intrigued to know more on this, a user asked:

People who have married intercaste, how did you convince the parents? from india

From being told to cut ties completely to being left with no option other than to elope with their partners, people shared snippets from their lives in the Reddit thread.

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After some hustle, parents agreed too.

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Cut them off if required.

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Some even shared a couple of tips.

Everyone wants to live a happy life with their family and the love of their lives. Choosing either one of them is really tough. Hope everyone understands this.

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