Indore: Instagram Influencer Dances On Zebra Crossing, Cops Issue Notice For Violating Rules

Recently, an Instagram influencer from Indore named Shreya Kalra posted a video of herself dancing on the zebra crossing at Rasoma intersection as soon as the traffic signal turned red. This was a part of a social media challenge.

Dancing to a popular song by Doja Cat, the woman is seen showing off her moves as vehicles come to a halt behind her. Have a look at the video here:


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However, as the video was being widely circulated online, the police took cognizance of the incident and issued a notice to the girl for violating traffic rules, reported NDTV.

According to Navbharat, Home Minister Narottam Mishra expressed his disappointment regarding the incident.

“Whatever may have been the sentiment of the girl, her method was wrong. I have instructed the officials that action should be taken against the girl under the Motor Vehicles Act so that this trend does not increase,” he said.

Do you think social media influencers should be more mindful about their actions?

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