Couples Can Get Married In This Instagram-Friendly Wedding Chapel At Las Vegas For ₹ 36k

All of us are guilty of trying to find Instagram-worthy places where we could click our pictures. And taking wedding photos is a completely different ball game altogether where couples hop, skip, and jump around to get the perfect click!

For some people, their wish of having the perfect wedding picture might just come true.

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Graphic designer and visual artist Joshua Vides is launching an 800 sq. ft wedding chapel designed perfectly for Instagram. The chapel will be located in Las Vegas at The Palms Casino Resort.

The chapel is inspired by one of Las Vegas’ iconic venues A Little White Wedding Chapel.

It has the backdrop of “Til Death Do Us Part” which is absolutely ideal for a wedding ceremony!

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“I didn’t create the concept for Instagram, but once I painted the first object and held (it in my) hand, I immediately recognized Instagram as the vehicle”, Vides told INSIDER.

Palms is offering a number of packages at different price points for those interested in tieing the knot there.

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For example, the “Our Marriage Looks Perfect — On Instagram” package, costs $250 (INR 17k approx.), allows for an hour in the chapel and to take as many pictures as one wants within that time.

For couples who want to get married in this unique setting, the chapel offers an hour-long ceremony for $500 (INR 36k approx), which includes a bottle of champagne.

The chapel is not just an idea inspired by the innumerable number of weddings that take place in Vegas. It also shows how social media, specifically Instagram, has influenced culture and design.

“Social media is definitely allowing others to view and enjoy the style but also allows others to attempt the concept with their personal materials” – said Vide.

This might just be the coolest place to get married!

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