People Tweet #Instagramdown Memes As Photo-Sharing App Faces Outage

Last night after I had an excruciating day at work and home, all I wanted to do was lay on bed and scroll through adorable doggo pics on Insta. But nahi, as luck would have it, I was unable to open the app. Thankfully it was just not me, several people were having trouble accessing the app.

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According to reports, the social media site was facing an outage late last night. So, what do you do when your favourite photo-sharing app crashes? Well, you go to another social media platform to rant about it, obviously!

Many Instagram users took to Twitter to express their feelings after they were unable to access various features of the app. People shared hilarious memes wondering whether their Wifi was down or was Insta really not working.

I guess Insta has given up on 2020 too? Well jokes aside, there was some technical glitch that caused the issue. Did you face problems while accessing your Insta account yesterday? Tell us!

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