12 Things You Face When You Have A Friend With An Innocent Mind

Every friend group is incomplete without that one person who simply doesn’t get dirty jokes and slang. I mean, without them, who would the rest of us make fun of, right?

Following are the things you have to deal with when you have an innocent or ‘clean’ minded friend:

1. They never, ever get double meaning jokes

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2. And the joke often loses its meaning because you have to sit and explain it to them

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Forget it, the moment’s gone.


3. And when they finally get the joke, the disgusted look on their face is priceless

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4. They’re often the ones who have a confused expression on their face when others are laughing

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What? What was so funny?


5. They’re known as the ‘bachchas’ of the group

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Rehn de yaar. Bachcha hai. Samajh nahi aayega isey.


6. And more often than not, you tell them that you’re going to end up ‘corrupting’ their mind

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Yaar we’re really ruining your mind, aren’t we?


7. Because they’re used to being around all the double meaning jokes, they can slowly figure out where the double meaning lies

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“Was that meant to sound like that on purpose?” YES. Always yes.


8. Slang words almost always go over their heads

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9. And on any rare occasion when they actually do abuse or use a slang word, your day is made

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“Bachcha bada ho gaya.”


10. Despite being teased every single time, you kind of like how they can easily do without using slang and double meaning jokes

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They seem mature. More than you, even.


11. You also like that they don’t accidentally use inappropriate words in inappropriate situations, which you often do

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Aadat nahi hai na, isi liye.


12. And all in all, you’re in awe of their ‘shuddh vichaar’ because, well, you should always have someone like that around

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So you can go on and make fun of them all over again. ūüėÄ

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