Yuzvendra Chahal Tied Usman Khan’s Shoelaces In INDvPAK, Fans Applaud The Gentleman’s Game!


An INDvPAK match never fails to give people something to talk about, both in anticipation and in retrospection of the game. And last night’s match was quite the crowdpleaser considering India won with 21 overs to spare in the Asia Cup match against arch rivals Pakistan.

The enmity of the two countries notwithstanding, cricket has always been gentleman’s game. And a rather endearing visual from the match last night reinforced this statement and gave people on both sides of the LOC something to applaud about.


During the match, our very own Yuzvendra Chahal was seen tying the shoelaces of Pakistan’s Usman Khan as the latter batted. And that seems to have impressed the fans of the game immensely.

Twitter had all kinds of intense feelings about this rather pure moment that exhibited true sportsman spirit on the field.

Gentleman’s game, indeed.


Of course, some folk managed to sneak in this very obvious joke!


But for the most part, it was a whole lot of heartwarming pride at how despite the situation between the two nations, the players held nothing above the game.


There was, however, a digressing opinion too. A lot of them thought this was not such big deal, but merely on-field manners that would be prevalent in any game.

They thought it was merely exaggerating basic courtesies.

And then there was this one tweet about whether Pak would reciprocate such a gesture, which got an apt reply right back.

Looks like fans can agree to disagree on this one. The negative comments that called Chahal ‘anti-national’ also made their presence felt, of course. But the fact remains, that it was a gentlemanly gesture that is a basic courtesy players extend to each other on the field. Considering it is INDvPAK, it’s understandable why it might evoke stronger feelings amongst people.

One thing that we can agree on though is something this one tweet pointed out…


Hear hear!

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