Indore Institute Says Students Can Become Harvey Specter Or ‘Jolly’ Mishra, Apologizes Later


Everyone has role models they look up to and aspire to become. Most often than not, they are real people who have shown determination, grit, and excelled in their respective fields against all odds.

However, one newspaper advertisement by the Indore Institute of Law is facing flak online for comparing fictional characters Harvey Specter from the American TV show ‘Suits’ and Jagdishwar Mishra from the Bollywood movie ‘Jolly LLB 2’ and saying that potential students have a choice on who they want to become. Take a look.

Some people poked fun at the advertisement calling it ridiculous and full of cringe.

While others listed out all the problematic messaging inherent in it. Several lawyers called it out for the following reasons:

  • Putting down Indian lawyers by implying that Harvey Specter is the clear winner.
  • Violating Intellectual Property (IP) and using images without seeking permission.
  • Showcasing fictional lawyers instead of their alumni or people practicing law in the real world which made it seem like an ad for an acting school.
  • Absence of female lawyers altogether.

Journalist Sanya Talwar later tweeted that the institute had issued an unconditional apology saying that there was no intention to demean or offend anyone. Their ad was to “reflect two different personalities” in corporate and litigation law.

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