Indore Couple Opens ‘Doggy Dhaba’ – A Restaurant & Day Care For Dogs

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to stay cooped up at home, many people brought in a four-legged living companion to accompany them in the darkest of days. Then, offices started reopening and they didn’t know where to keep their pets who were so used to their company.

Some gave up their pets for adoption, while others looked for boardings or daycare for their furballs.

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A passionate dog lover, Balraj Jhala, used to feed street dogs on his way back home during the lockdown. That’s when he realized that these creatures were struggling to get food.

“I have been a dog lover since the beginning. I used to work in a hotel till the year 2019, from where I fed the dogs on the way back home at night,” NDTV quoted him saying.

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To tackle this problem, he opened up a ‘Doggy Dhaba’.

“It was then that I got the idea of opening a dhaba for dogs and I opened this dhaba in 2020 along with my wife,” he said.

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This unique eatery is exclusively for dogs which not just offers regular and gourmet food for them but also gives them a place to stay. Apart from regular meals starting at Rs 7, the restaurant also provides veg and non-veg specialties and supplements at reasonable prices. Moreover, the couple also delivers homemade healthy food to pets at home that can be ordered from their website.

“My business also operates online. Dog-food delivery boys are also kept who supply food both times.”

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And while the dogs are left at their boarding by pet parents, they are also involved in interactive and entertaining activities and exercises that keep them engaged.

What a great idea!

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