Indore Cop Teaches Poor Boy Every Day After Duty So He Can Become A Cop Too

The number of kids who are born with immense potential but are held back by their family’s financial constraints is overwhelming in our country. Too many kids give up on their dreams. Way too many don’t dream at all.

However, supporting a poor boy’s dream to become a policeman, Vinod Dikshit, a Station House Officer (SHO) from Palasia, Indore, rushes to him every day after duty to teach him English and Maths, reports Hindustan Times.

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“I met this boy one day during patrolling. He said he wanted to be a policeman but can’t afford tuitions. So, I started teaching him English and Maths,” the cop said.

He claims that the boy, Raj, is “outspoken and smart”.

“During the lockdown period, we use to patrol his notorious neighbourhood. Once he told me that he wants to be a policeman. I told him that he will have to study. He then said that I will study if you’ll teach me,” Dikshit said.

He added, “This boy belongs to a very poor background and cannot afford any tuitions. His father runs a tiffin centre and his grandfather is a roadside vendor.”

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Raj expressed his happiness on being taught by the policeman. He even claims to diligently do his homework every day!

“I am very happy that I am being taught by my Uncle Ji. Every day I take tuition from him. I do my homework every day. I aspire to become a policeman that’s why I am studying.”

People on the internet are filled with love and respect for the cop! Here’s what they said:

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Isn’t it heartwarming to see people go the extra mile to see others prosper? Salute to Vinod Dikshit for helping the boy chase his dreams!

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