Beggar Woman In Indore Earns ₹2.25 Lakh In 45 Days, Has Cars, Land, Smartphones & A Home

If only one day you went on Google and searched How Much Do Beggars Earn In India?’, you would know that some of them have an annual earning that would put a corporate hotshot’s CTC to shame. Don’t be fooled by their tattered clothes and hopeless look. Some of them earn lakhs a month! Here’s an example.

A woman in Indore earned Rs 2.25 lakh in 45 days just by begging on the streets. Out of this, Rs 1 lakh was sent to her home in Rajasthan where two of her children live with their grandparents, Rs 50,000 was deposited in the bank as an FD and another Rs 50,000 was spent on “undisclosed personal expenses”, reported Times Now.

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This is her earnings alone. Her husband and 8-year-old daughter also beg alongside her. They were found at Bhawrasia Square which is located at Indore-Ujjain Road. At the time, the woman had Rs 19,200 on her which she earned only within 7 days. Her 8-year-old daughter, on the other hand, earned Rs 600 from begging a couple of hours into the day.

The beggar woman’s annual income is estimated to be Rs 20 lakh. The family collectively has land, a home, cars, smartphones, electronics and other possessions scattered in different cities.

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The Indore District Administration is currently working towards making the city “beggar-free”. According to TOI, those found begging on the street are being rescued and rehabilitated.

In this case, the 8-year-old girl has been rehabilitated at a childcare home wherein she will be receiving guidance and support. The woman, on the other hand, has had a couple of run-ins with the administration and is currently battling a police case.

Did you know that beggars in India earn THIS much money?

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