Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating On Him, So He Used A HUGE Billboard To Break Up

Breaking up is an inevitable part of a relationship. The reasons for it can vary from personal opinions to sexual preferences and, believe it or not, Deadpool 2. And one can announce their departure from said relationship physically, over the phone, through a live-tweet or as an Indonesian gentleman has shown, with a fricking billboard!

Twitter user @myxzyptlx posted a video of a man arguing with his girlfriend on a sidewalk. However, their conversation was inaudible. But when the camera panned left, we got to see the reason why they were bickering.

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The writing roughly translates to:

“Risna Rahmatika, you’ve been disappointed with me. You cheated on me. I want to break up.”

According to Diksi, the billboard was put up in Semarang, at the T-junction of Jalan Sultan Agung in Indonesia. The video shows the man fighting with his girlfriend and apparently announcing the breakup over a loudspeaker.

You can check out the video here:

The video went viral and netizens thought that the man’s way of breaking up was absolutely “savage”.

However, everyone wasn’t amused by this method of breaking up.

What are your thoughts on this process of breaking up? Do you think that the man was being a bit too extra? Or did the woman’s actions deserve this kind of a response?