India’s 1st Garbage Cafe Will Give People Meals In Exchange For Plastic Waste!

The rate at which the trash mountain is rising on the earth’s surface has started taking a toxic toll on the lives of living creatures. From landfills to water bodies, every possible place is over-flooded with plastics and there is only little we can do to weed out non-biodegradable plastics from the environment.

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Taking a path-breaking step towards recycling plastic garbage, the Chhattisgarh Municipal Corporation has launched a garbage café. This initiative will not only help the government to manage the plastic pollution in the city, but it will also ensure that the waste collectors get to eat a wholesome meal in lieu of the plastic waste they collect.

Persons fetching 1 kg of plastic waste will be offered a full meal while those collecting 500 gram of waste will get a substantial breakfast.

The plastic waste collected will then be used in the construction of roads in Ambikapur, the second cleanest city, after Indore. The cafe will operate from the city’s main bus stand, said Mayor Ajay Tirkey who presented the city’s municipal budget on Monday.

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The budget provides Rs 5 lakh for the Garbage Cafe Scheme. There is a plan to provide free shelter to the homeless who collect plastic waste.

Under the campaign, the Municipal Corporation will provide food for poor and homeless people of the city free of cost. Not only this, but there will also be arrangements for shelter along with food. This scheme is being linked to the cleanliness campaign. Ambikapur is the second-largest city in the country in the ‘Sanitation Campaign’. Tirkey said the corporation has already restricted the use of plastic carry bags.

The initiative was applauded by netizens too:

This is indeed an initiative that can help eradicate two major problems that are plaguing the country right now: hunger and plastic waste.

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