Indians Want The Return Of Political Standup Comedy & Shows After 2024 Election Results

In the past couple of years, we have seen the freedom of expression for the press, filmmakers, writers, and artists being significantly curtailed. Critics of the government faced severe consequences. Comedian Munawar Farooqui was jailed for jokes he allegedly planned to tell. Another comedian, Kunal Kamra, has faced numerous FIRs for his criticism of the government. Tanmay Bhatt, co-founder of the comedy group AIB, also faced legal trouble, and AIB had to pull back its famous roast ‘AIB Knockout’ due to backlash.

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The web series ‘Tandav’ was not renewed for a second season after its makers faced severe backlash and legal threats over scenes that were deemed offensive to certain groups. Several films have been banned or heavily censored, limiting creative freedom in the film industry.

Image source: ‘Tandav’

Press freedom has also hit a low point. India ranks 159 out of 180 countries in terms of press freedom, reported The Hindu. Journalists have been harassed, threatened, and even arrested for their work. This environment created a culture of fear and self-censorship.

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However, after this year’s Lok Sabha elections 2024, with a major opposition in place and a coalition government, people have been hoping for the return of political comedy, hard-hitting shows and critical movies – those which disappeared in the past few years.

People are looking forward to thought-provoking standup comedy, political films, and unbiased journalism. Here’s what they have been saying:

Seems like times are about to change, people! 🙂

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