After The Demise Of Queen Elizabeth II, Desis Think It’s Time Kohinoor Returned To India

After the demise of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, people were concerned as to who will succeed her and more importantly, what will happen to the Kohinoor studded crown of the Queen.

According to Hindustan Times, the Queen’s crown that’s studded with the world’s biggest diamond along with 2,800 other precious stones will go to the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, after he will be crowned the King of the UK.

But Indians think that since the most controversial 105.6 carat diamond in the world was discovered in India’s Golconda mines in the 14th Century, it was time to bring back the ‘Mountain of Light’ to where it belongs.

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They expressed their feeling to bring back India’s diamond with memes.

Indian actor Vidyut Jammwal also took to Twitter to ask people if they really think the coveted diamond should be brought back to India.

This is how some people reacted online:

It’s not the first time that Indians demanded their diamond back. A couple of years ago, some Indians decided to sue the Queen of England to get back the Kohinoor diamond. The Indian government had demanded the Kohinoor back in 1947. But the British government wasn’t keen on it. The Kohinoor is also claimed by other countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kohinoor ka toh pata nhi but Twitter is currently a diamond mine of memes and jokes.

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