Indians Reveal Lifestyle Cutbacks & Changes They Are Making To Survive Inflation

The price of petrol is skyrocketing. Bananas and lemons cost way more than usual. Maggi ki packet costs Rs 24 now. Coffee and chai prices have also increased. It’s safe to say that ‘adulting’ has become way more expensive than it used to be a few years back. And it’s not fun. Because in order to survive, we now have to cut down on our favourite things.

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So when Indians on Reddit were asked how are they dealing with inflation and the lifestyle cutbacks they are making in order to deal with the rise in prices of EVERYTHING, people online shared their secrets.

What kind of lifestyle cutbacks are you putting into place to cope up with rising inflation? from india

From uninstalling food delivery apps to giving up milk, from making curd at home to purchasing groceries from somewhere cheaper, here’s what they said about surviving inflation:

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What are your everyday tactics to save money? Share with us!

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