Indian Women Who Made The First Move In Relationships Share Stories Of How It Went

Social convention dictates that it is a man who should always make the first move. Even when a woman is interested in a man, she must wait to be asked out to not look ‘too desperate’. I don’t know who wrote these rules but that’s just how it is.

So women must devise other ways to ‘lure’ the man of interest into asking her out. She will drop hints, she’ll casually flirt, she’ll look at horoscope compatibilities and search ‘How to make an Aries man like you’ on Google instead of asking straight out. However, there is a vast section of women who show these invisible rules ‘the finger’ and take the reins into their own hands.

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but what if they do? Hence, one person on Reddit asked Indian women who made the first move about how it went and what happened next.

Women who made the first move, how did that go? from TwoXIndia

There were quite a few epic fails but on the sunny side, there were many positive and heartwarming stories. Some couples have been together for years and some even got married. Have a look:

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So brush social conventions aside and take matters into your own hands, ladies!

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