10 Things You Should NEVER Do If You’re An Indian Woman. And 1 Thing You Definitely Should.

If you have been born and brought up in India, or even have Indian roots then HOW DARE YOU? Yes, “how dare you” coz you are definitely not strong, independent or free. You are the Sabhya Bhartiya Naari and God forbid if you try to bend the rules and change anything about it.

And just to keep you in the loop, here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing. At all. After all sanskaar, woman!

1. Don’t wear short shorts.


Shorts? Shorts are the worst. And skirts? OMG, they’re blasphemous. No laaz sharam.


2. Don’t go out late at night.


You went out after sunset? Are you out of your mind, woman.


3. Don’t you dare get a boyfriend till you’re 28 (or 29 (or till we think you’re of the right age to get married))




And don’t make guy friends.


Holy crap. How uncultured are you?
Guy friend? or Boyfriend? tsk…tsk…besharam ladki.


4. Don’t touch that drink.


*whispers in the background* *Do you see that uncouth woman with that whiskey in her hands?*


5. Don’t talk too much.


If you talk so much you won’t get any matches. Not that your mouth stinks, what if you sound more intelligent than the guy? Who would want to marry such a woman? Bolo..bolo?


6. Don’t drive. Because you can’t.


Kyuki two reasons: 1. Girls can’t drive. 2. Girl’s shouldn’t do guy things. After all, it’s not stereotyping if it’s true, ain’t it?


7. Don’t work after marriage.


That’s some serious disrespect to your in-laws woman.


8. Don’t you want children?


But… but? How? Why? You’re a woman. What else are you there for on this earth?


9. Don’t abuse BC. WTF did you just say?


*Major shaming coming your way*


10. Don’t be idle. Learn how to make rotis at home.


If your rotis aren’t round, your family’s izzat is gone beta. Go home.


If you too are tired of all the don’ts and the only thing you actually DON’T want to do is to give any flying f**ks, then welcome to the party.

The Don’t Party.

 And yes, it’s a real party. With music, dancing and comedians too. But more importantly, it unites the ones who are against the don’ts women hear all the time. Sounds epic, right?

So go ahead and register for the party, guys, and girls! http://bit.ly/1WmOWIN

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