Indian Woman Rents Herself Out As A Girlfriend, Posts Rate Chart For Different Activities

Boyfriend and girlfriend rental services are popping up everywhere, turning dating into a business deal. Need a date for a wedding or just want someone to listen to your bad jokes? No problem! For a fee, you can rent a charming companion who laughs at your puns and makes your ex jealous. Who needs love when you can have a perfect partner for a day, no strings attached?

For example, a woman named Divya who lives in South Delhi posted a video on Instagram notifying everyone that they can hire her for a day to be their girlfriend.

“Single? Willing to go on a date? Rent me for a date!” read the caption over the video.

From a chill coffee date to meeting parents, there’s an entire rate chart that she has created to make “some amazing memories together”. For a movie and dinner, she’ll charge Rs 2000. To accompany someone for an event, the charge is Rs 3500. She’s going to charge Rs 4000 for a bike date and for a public post about the date, she’s going to take Rs 6000.

Here’s a look at the entire rate chart:

Here’s the video she posted:


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The appeal is clear: no messy breakups, no emotional baggage, just the ideal companion on demand! 😛

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