Indian Woman Throws Herself A Unicorn-Themed Party To Celebrate Her Divorce

While marriages are celebrated widely, the topic of divorce has an immense stigma attached to it. In many Indian families, divorce is a hush-hush subject and is frowned upon, making it harder for women to walk out of an unhappy marriage.

However, a 45-year-old Indian woman living in the UK named Sonia Gupta threw herself a vibrant party after she got divorced. According to News18, she wanted to celebrate the end of a 17-year-old unhappy marriage with her friends and family.

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Sonia got married in 2003. However, she and her husband were the complete opposite. She was fun and outgoing, while her husband had a calmer personality.

“We got married in India, then moved over to the UK. I became lost in the midst of my marriage and its cultural components, and I ended up being quite miserable for years,” Sonia said.

The Republic quoted her adding:

“I just wanted to be myself again. Before my marriage, I was a very active and outgoing person, and after I got married, everything went to hell.”

Sonia revealed how the news of her divorce didn’t go down well with her family. But she found a strong support system in her friends. Even though the divorce process started in 2018, it was dragged for 3 years. But finally when she was “free”, she decided to throw herself a divorce party.

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“I selected the theme to be colourful, vibrant, and lots of unicorns because I am a really bright, colourful person. The theme was magic to me because, after the previous ten years, I believe I deserved a little bit of magic,” she explained.

Visuals from the party show how everything was exactly how she wanted it to be.

Here’s a video from the party:

“People usually believe there‚Äôs no life after divorce, and your life ends after that. But actually, mine has just started. I‚Äôve learned so much in these years and have become a much stronger person. I always wanted the old me back. I feel free like I‚Äôve managed to get out of prison and now I am truly living my best life,” she said.

We wish Sonia strength and hope her life ahead is as colourful as the divorce party!

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