Indian Woman Who Has Been With Her BF For 10 Years Says There’s No More ‘Spark’, Seeks Advice

You will often hear people complain that their relationship has lost that ‘spark’ which was there at the beginning. IT’S NORMAL.

Imagine the first day at a new job – you have all the jitters, you meet new people, you start exciting work – everything is sparkles and rainbows. Cut to a year or two later, you have settled down and you don’t feel the excitement or the jitters anymore. Yes, there are a few occasions that make you happy – like a promotion or cracking a project.

It’s the same with relationships. After a while, the ‘spark’ fizzles out. Even sexual intimacy is not as exciting anymore. But what remains is a deep friendship, love, and respect for each other. And it takes work to make the relationship filled with moments of excitement – like movie nights at home or going out for ice cream!

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A 27-year-old woman took to Reddit under the subreddit r/India to share how her relationship with her 27-year-old boyfriend has lost its spark.

“I (27F) am living in with my boyfriend (27M) for the past 3 years, and we’ve been together for 10 years now. We were in a long-distance relationship before the live-in situation. All these years we have both struggled a lot with severe mental health issues, my family not accepting him, and financial issues, but have held on to each other as support systems and have been madly in love throughout.”

She went on to add that their life together now looks very boring, following a routine, and that their “honeymoon period” is over.

“Now when things are finally starting to look up and we’re about to get married, I feel like, after all this, the spark between us has gone missing. Life has become very boring and routine-like, and it feels as if our honeymoon period is over even before we’re married! We love each other, but the romance has died down. We have become so busy in “working hard to make a life for ourselves” that we’ve lost all those little things that I loved so much- our dates, cute gestures, being flirty, feeling giddy with love!”

When she went to speak to her partner about this, he sush-ed her saying she is overthinking it.

“I have tried talking to him about it but he dismissed it saying that I am overthinking. I want to know if this is normal? Does it happen with everyone?”

Have a look at her full post here:

About to get married but something is bothering me from india

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Several people took to the comment section to claim that this is normal and showered her with wonderful advice. Have a look:

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What are your views on this?

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