15 Tweets On Indian Weddings For Every 20 Something Tired Of Hearing ‘Shaadi Kab Kar Rahe Ho?’

I don’t know about you but 2017 is almost about to end and it certainly feels like, all I did in the Goddamn year was attend weddings and be judged by my extended family, Sharma Uncle and Chadha aunty for reasons known to them. Actually, scratch that. I know why.

Cause, I’m–wait for it–single and I work in the industry of news! *gasps* That and because my life is not news-worthy for reasons I told above. Now, I really have nothing to say. Well, except-

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But as it turns out, my friends, out in the Twitterverse are way more capable than I can ever be in describing the other side (okay, most part) of Indian weddings. So, shall we?

1. SAME!

2. Who can argue that, now?

3. *raises hand in agreement*

4. The story of every Indian wedding.

5. Can I tag people? No? Ok.


7. A concept that will never see the light of the day.

8. You know the gang when you see it!

9. SIGH.

10. Sorabh Pant has it all planned, I guess.

11. There should be a federation for this, don’t you think?

12. Because DRAMA!

13. The Latter. Of course, the latter.

14. Nope, not without a ‘Sex and all’ joke!

15. On another note…

What is that? You can do better than this? Well, be my guest, fill the comments section with everything you think we’ve missed about #IndianWeddings. Also, spread the word. Will Ya?

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