‘Not Even Close’ Say People On Seeing Gujarati Wedding Couple Created By AI & Stereotypes

Currently, the internet is flooded with people sharing images created using artificial intelligence and stereotypes. After Indian men and women were created using AI, someone decided to depict what wedding couples from different Indian states would look like.

After the Twitter thread by @baghardh went viral, Bengali people went nuts with the huge fish that made an appearance in the pictures with the Bengali wedding couple.

The thread showcases couples from states like Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh among others. And I’m sure you won’t be convinced by the representation of wedding couples from multiple states.

While all of them look bizarre, it was the depiction of the Gujarati couple that got people furious. This is what a couple from Gujarat would look like on their wedding day, according to AI.

You flipped, right? Not your fault though as most people online also think that this couple doesn’t even come close to what couples from Gujarat would look like on their wedding day. From the saree and its draping style to jewelry and the obese couple, everything seemed amiss.

And what’s with her hand?

This is what people online said on seeing this couple:

People online are really mad at that inaccurate representation and I can see why. What do you think?

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