24 Year-Old Indian Goes Missing In Bali, Swept Away By Massive Waves At Devil’s Tear

People look forward to the idea of a holiday with a very positive and vibrant mood, anticipating all the fun experiences they’ll be having. Hence, it’s terribly unfortunate if one gets involved in an accident while on a vacation. One cannot even imagine the amount of pain their families have to go through if and when something goes wrong.

An Indian tourist in Bali reportedly went missing after being swept away by a dangerous wave in Devil’s Tear cove on Nusa Lembongan while he was vacationing with a friend.

The Devil’s Tear cove is a popular tourist destination facing the Indian Ocean which is famous for its huge but dangerous waves.

Its name is inspired by the violent waves smashing against the cove, spraying water and mist around the site, hence making it a famous selfie spot.

According to sources, Aditya Kaushal (23) and Kshitij Agarwal (24) were taking selfies on the dangerous spot when a huge wave swept the two away.

Another report revealed that massive waves caused Kshitij to fall off the cliff, while Aditya tumbled over into the sea.

The local residents tried searching for the body but were unable to do so because of the strong waves. Officials also failed in sending search boats close to the cove due to the presence of sharp coral under water.

“Agrawal Kshitij survived with minor injuries, but Kaushal Aditya was dragged into the sea. Witnesses said the victim appeared on the surface before sinking and disappearing,” Denpasar’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Office Chief Hari Adi Purnomo said in a statement yesterday.

Two months back, a similar incident had been recorded in the same location where a woman was violently swept away by a huge wave while posing for a picture near the cliff.

Here’s the video:

(Video may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.)

If one searches on the internet, similar such incidents in the exact same location have been recorded on video. This further emphasises the need for caution.

Your life is too precious to be lost during what should be an exciting vacation. Please stay alert in risky locations and refrain from going near dangerous spots in the first place!

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