Only A True Mithai Expert Can Ace This Quiz On Delicious Desi Sweets!


Tiramisu, macarons, and cupcakes are all alright but there’s nothing quite like desi mithai to truly satisfy our sweet cravings. From warm, comforting gajar ka halwa to soft, vibrant boondi ke ladoo, our country is home to so many desserts that one could never get bored of eating them. So, how well do you know desi sweets? Take this quiz and find out!

1. This dessert is from the state of Rajasthan.

2. In Sanskrit, the name of this South-Indian dessert translates to milk.

3. A sweet dish made from rice? Sign us up!

4. Have you had these sweet chhena balls soaked in malai, topped with pista and saffron?

5. Can you guess this mithai popular in West Bengal?

6. Agra gaye aur ________ nahi khaya toh kya khaya?

7. This mithai is first fried and then dipped in meethi meethi chashni *drooling*

8. The ‘King of Sweets’ in South-India.

9. Love the circular flower shape of this mithai.

10. Another Bengali favourite stuffed with khoya and sugar. Do you know its name?

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