Indian Students In Canada Queue Up Outside Coffee Shop For Part-Time Job Amidst Job Crisis

The job crisis isn’t just limited to one country. It is a growing and concerning problem worldwide. Many people are getting laid off or are struggling to find work. This is particularly a problem for international students studying in foreign universities who are having a tough time finding part-time jobs to sustain themselves.

In Canada, a recent scene outside Tim Hortons, a popular coffee shop, in Toronto highlighted this struggle, showing hundreds of students, many from India, lining up in hopes of landing part-time jobs.

A video captured this desperate hunt for employment. It was shared by Nishat, an Indian student who has been looking for a part-time job for over a month. In the video, he talks about arriving at Tim Hortons 30 minutes early, only to find over 100 people already ahead of him.

The Tim Hortons staff collected resumes and asked about the applicants’ availability, promising to call for interviews. But Nishant is sceptical about this. So he continued his search for a job in other parts of the city.

“I don’t know if I will find a job at either store. So this was my day full of struggle,” he said.

Have a look at the video here:


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The video struck a chord with several people online who are also suffering from rising unemployment. Other Indian students shared similar frustrations in the comments, highlighting how common this struggle is. Have a look:

Do you think it is worth it – leaving your homeland for another foreign country in the hope of a better life and opportunities, only to be dragged down?

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