Foodies Ahoy! Can You Name All The Tempting Desi Snacks In This Quiz?

Every state and union territory of India has its own unique cuisine with delectable sweets, refreshing drinks, and even better snacks. Some are deep-fried while others are steamed, but ALL of them are eaten within seconds. How many of them can you guess in this quiz?

1. Recognize this snack made with flattened rice?

2. Name these rice dumplings with a sweet filling from South India

3. This salad made from lentils is packed with proteins.

4. This one is super easy!

5. Recognize this deep-fried goodness?

6. Its name translates to 'twisted' in Tamil

7. Another easy one!

8. Guess the name of this Rajasthani snack

9. Yummy snacks in an edible basket? Sign us up!

10. Can you guess which pinwheel-shaped snack this is?

11. A Gujarati dish made with chickpea flour

12. No hints for this one 😛

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