Desis Imagine What It Would Be Like If Indian Schools Organized Prom Nights

The one thing which I desperately wanted to happen in my life was to be able to go to prom. But I was a girl studying in an all-girls convent school, and I’m guessing that doesn’t need any more explanation. But seriously, did even co-ed schools in our country have prom? Mostly, no. Don’t let Mohabbatein’s ‘Ankhein Khuli Ho Ya Ho Bandh’ tell you otherwise.


However, let’s just imagine something – what if all Indian schools did organize a prom night, how would it be like? Well, people online came up with some hilarious reactions to the possibility!

When one Twitter user ignited the conversation, his tweet went viral, and for all the right reasons.


In case Indian schools did end up organizing prom night, here’s how it would be like:

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But alas, some wishes never come true!

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