Indian Railways Charges ₹50 Service Charge For ₹20 Cup Of Tea, Passenger Shares Receipt

As we all know, prices of everything are rapidly increasing. But amongst all things, we have faith in the humble cup of chai we get to drink at various corners of the country that comes at a reasonable price. But a recent incident made us think otherwise.

According to India Today, a passenger was travelling from Bhopal to Delhi via the Bhopal Shatabdi Express and had to pay Rs 70 for a Rs 20 cup of tea because Indian Railways added Rs 50 service charge to the bill.

“GST of Rs 50 on tea worth Rs 20. Altogether, a tea is worth Rs 70. Isn’t it an amazing loot?” the passenger asked while sharing a picture of the bill.

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However, Indian Railways responded to the outcry and explained that the passenger was charged “no extra money”.

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According to a circular that was passed in 2018, a passenger needs to book meals in advance while making a reservation. When they fail to do so, a service charge of Rs 50 has to be paid for ordering tea, coffee or food during the journey.

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Gone are the days when all you had to do was pay Rs 10 for a cup of tea!

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