Indian Railways Introduces ‘Baby Berths’ For The Comfort Of New Moms, Mothers Express Concern

To commemorate Mother’s Day, the Indian Railways came up with an idea to help new moms, traveling with their infants, sleep comfortably on train births. For this, they introduced seats installed with an extended space called a ‘baby berth’ on an experimental basis.

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For trials, the Northern Railway has installed these foldable baby berths on Lucknow Mail in the lower berth, reported The Indian Express.

The berths are also equipped with a stopper to prevent kids from falling off the seat. The divisional railway manager of the Lucknow Northern Railway, Satish Kumar, shared a video showing the usage of the extended baby seats.

The intention behind this move is definitely laudable. People online appreciated the efforts of the Indian Railways.

However, several also expressed concern about the safety measures and said the design and execution could have been better.

Since this is a trial run, we hope the authorities acknowledge the feedback of the public and upgrade the facility accordingly. New moms, what are your opinions on this feature?

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