17 Reasons That Make Indian Railways Journey A Joy Ride

Majority of people in India prefer commuting from one state to another by trains. Travelling becomes budget friendly, people can carry as many kilos of luggage as they want and it’s a complete joy ride. To enjoy the true beauty of India, one must travel long distance by train at least once.

Here are the things you will definitely come across in Indian railways.

1. Tumhara dhyaan kidhar hai, yeh tomato soup idhar hai

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Yeah, the creative jingles pantry people come up with are fun to hear.


2. Chai, chai, chai, coffee, chai, chai, chai, coffee

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This goes on throughout the day. Starts at 5 in the morning, ends at 11 in the night.


3. Someone plays regional songs on loud speakers

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It’s a party atmosphere, all you have to do is throw your hands up and sing “Ischool ke tame pe, aaja gori dame pe


4. Your window seat will be taken by some random person as if they own it

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Bhaiyaa zara hatiye, humara reservation hai.


5. If you reach late, there will be hardly any space left for your luggage

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Better reach before time.


6. Man standing at the door smoking bidi

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Yeh experience nai kiya toh kya kiya


7. Annoying kids try to annoy you more

7 Annoying Kids
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Because manners, what are they?


8. Train late hai ke time pe chal rahi hai?

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Raat bhar mein cover kar legi, koi baat nai.


9. People hop out of the train, on every major station with a long halt

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Haan beta, kuch chahiye khane ko?


10. People try to convince the TC to get a seat/berth

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Please dekho na koi seat khali hai toh, bas sirf raat ke liye chahiye.


11. Some perv stranger stares

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Get a life you loser!


12. Farts and burps during the night

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We eat chana for dinner and fart like rock stars


13. Toilets will be occupied most of the time

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Especially when you want to pee badly


14. A group of youngsters playing antakshari, dumb charades or cards

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There should be some way to pass your time. This activity also helps to refresh your Bollywood memory.


15. Some cute looking stranger looks at you every once in a while

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It’s a crush at first sight.


16. Beautiful landscapes out of the window

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The best and quickest way to see and experience different cultures from different states.


17. People from varied religions and backgrounds share the same compartment

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Sometimes make friends and share food with each other.

That’s India for you in one train journey. Happy travelling in Indian Railway 🙂

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