Passenger Was Stopped From Carrying Gulab Jamuns At Phuket Airport, He Shares Them With Staff

The festive season in India is infectious. The colours, lights, energy of the people, and of course mithai can cheer anybody up. And one of the ways in which we can spread this festive cheer across boundaries is by sharing its essence in small ways with others.

A brilliant example of this is a video that was shared on Instagram by a musician named Himanshu Devgan. He was at the Phuket airport happily carrying a can filled with gulab jamuns. However, at the security checkpoint, he wasn’t allowed to carry it further.

So, he decided to share them with the Phuket airport staff. In the video, the Thai nationals can be seen digging in and having a bite of the delicious gulab jamuns. It instantly brings a smile on their faces. Have a look:


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Several people were all hearts over the video and showered their love on Himanshu for his thoughtful gesture. Here’s what some of them said:

We Indians have this habit of carrying achaars, sweets, papad and what not when we leave our homes and fly elsewhere. So if at the security checkpoint, the officials don’t allow you to carry the items further, instead of making a hue and cry we can always hand them over to the staff in a more respectable manner.

This video goes on to prove that it doesn’t cost much to make people happy! ūüôā

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