People On Twitter Think Many Indian Parents Shouldn’t Have Been Parents In The First Place

I have been incredibly lucky to have parents who believed in private conversations over public humiliation, understood the importance of not forcing me into uncomfortable situations and didn’t dismiss my feelings as irrational or absurd. Instead, they have been extremely patient with me, let me find my own way, pulled me back up when I was drowning, and had level-headed conversations with me when they thought I was doing something wrong.

However, as I looked around at many of my friend’s parents, I saw that their parenting style was very different. Shouting, hitting, strict painful punishments and creating a public nuisance were very common tactics in “disciplining” the child. Many of them considered blackmail and downright harassment to be love languages. And people on Twitter have been sharing their experiences dealing with such Indian parents.

The conversation began when one user tweeted that most Indian parents shouldn’t have become parents in the first place. After the tweet went viral, people started sharing stories from their own lives where they witnessed parents who were being extremely abusive to their kids.

Have a look:

In most cases, people don’t think about whether they are ready to become parents. They decide to have a child because social convention dictates them to do so. Some don’t even consider whether they are fit, have the emotional and financial means, and have the time and help to raise a child. These are important conversations that every couple and family should have in the first place.

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